Cainsville, Missouri

My name:Lewis Wing 108 Cypress,Ridgeway,MO64481

Please send me a copy of my policy#24-91-5172229-1 pc. I lost my copy and you people have canceled this policy 2 years in a row due to the wrong mailing address.You have mailed the renew bills to 28140 Hwy.

DD, Cainsville, MO I moved to the above address in July,2006. In the move I lost my copy of the policy.

Please send me a copy.

Thank You, Lewis Wing.If the above does not tell what I want then then then thats it!!!!That's all the room I have. Thank,you, Lewis Wing.

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Agreed...It is your responsibility to notify the company of any address changes. Your policy is being rated on the location in which you are keeping your vehicle.

It's imperative that you do, if not, and if it is outlined in your policy contract that you must notify them, they have the right to deny any claims that arise because they could say that you did not adhere to the contract. They don't know there's a change if you don't notify them. You just dont want to be in a bad situation and you definitely don't want to be driving around uninsured.

(Also, consider not posting your personal information, i.e. policy number and address in a public forum, just as a precaution.)


Hello? Isn't it your responsibility to inform your insurance company that you have moved?

Why are you posting a request for your policy on an online forum? Why wouldn't you just call an agent or 1-800-Shelter. I found the 800 in about 3 seconds doing a google search.

Hello? Is there anyone there?

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