Shelter Insurance Homeowners Policy Claim Reviews

After a bad storm i filed a claim several years ago and an inspector came and looked at the roof.I got a tiny check for some low-ball amount and looked for roofers who all laughed in my face.I could not find anyone to even patch it for this amount but i kept the insurance and even tried the auto but it was much too high. After a horrendous hail storm my friend just got a brand new roof and a nearly new car.I got a check for $2700.This won't even...
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I liked
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I didn't like
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  • Did not like what was done
  • Cancels policy if check a few days late
I am not insured with Shelter but the roofing company that I hired is.The adjuster was extremely rude and had the wrong answer for every question that I asked. My damage ocurred on 29 Jul 2016. On 24 Aug, I was advised that I had to move out. They sent a man from AR Mold and water to inspect the damage. He advised me that ALL sheetrock - ceilings and walls in every room needed to be replaced. The adjuster was not satisfied with that so he sent...
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