I hit a deer on the left front fender. Took auto to body shop for repairs.

Several months later my front tires wore out. Tire store said front end was out of alignment mainly on left side. Called body shop and they pulled their file and noted Shelter would not approve alignment. I think if you hit a deer and do $3,000 worth of damage insurance company should know car needs alignment.

If you are in the business this should be obvious.

Shelter could care less about repairing your vehicle. I had policy's with them for 30 years and they skimped on a much needed front alignment.

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Several months later my front tires wore out?.

Don't you ever look at your tires more than once every several months? Wear progress detection is not brain surgery.


:cry Look, Unless there is frame or unibody damage or damage to the suspension or wheel and tire a wheel alignment is not warranted from the loss. There is always a possibility the alignment was out prior to the loss.

Suspension is made up of some very stout parts and does take some serious impacts to affect the alignment. There are also several other cause for tire wear, air preasure,shocks/struts worn,worn suspension parts. Now when the tires were replaced I'm sure you had an alignment done. If there was damage from the loss it would have been picked up during the alignment.

Unfortunately claim reps usually don't have enough knowledge to explain this process. By the way, did the company that now has done your alignment tell you what their warranty is on an alignment? Most are covered until you reach the street,because you could do something to knock out the alignment 30 minutes after you leave the alignment shop. Some places offer a "lifetime" alignment, well how can they do that?

As time goes by and items wear they get it back ten fold by replacing worn suspension parts on your car. Some even go as far to tell you need parts and they can't do an alignment without replacing the "needed" or maybe "Uneeded" Parts. Would someone do that? Naw!

All mechanics are on the up and up...Aren't They?

Have a great day. FYI most Ins companies follow this policy.


Do not let this slide. You should elevate this to your claims adjusters manager and if you atill are not satisfied you can contact your state's Depatrment of Insurance.

They are there to make sure that insurance companies approved to do business in your state are operating properly. File the complaint, they will contact Shelter for a formal written response as to why this is being denied and will intervene to make sure that in the event Shelter is not doing the right thing, that they do.

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