Shelter is using delay tactics in settling an injury claim. They have come up with one excuse after another re-asking for paperwork that has already been sent to them and not returning phone calls.

I have attempted to go up the chain of command but was stonewalled with the administrative staff also. Apparently, David Moore, President and CEO does not take complaints from consumers that can not get resolution with other staff in the company.

We, as consumers, are required by law to carry insurance but unfortunately that same law does not protect us from greedy insurance companies by making them settle claims in a timely and fair manner.

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do you really think you can get a response from any company's

president or ceo?


Unsure why the delay is and we are only getting one side of the story here but if that is the case then that is ridiculous. File a formal complaint through the company, that way it's on record and someone has to respond as the formal complaints are periodically reviewed by the Dept of Ins for your state. you should have something on record.

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